May 3, 2008 8:32am CST
what is the difference between the two? and which is better in your opinion?
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• United States
9 Jul 08
Yes, I have both a NDS and a PSP. The DS is a different experiance with the 2 screens, one being touch screen, but i like them for different reasons. The PSP is a lot like the ps2 with great graphics and awsome fighter games and role playing games. The NDS has more cartoon looking games, a lot like all nintendo games, but are fun. Even though I am way past age the Pokemon games are still fun. A lot of the games for the NDS are fun because of the unique experiance.
3 May 08
You can watch films on a PSP but they are special little discs which I think is pointless as they can only be used on the PSP and cost the same amount as a dvd or game if not more. I have a nintendo DS and think its great. I have yet to find a game that I absoulutely love. I have played a few games that have got me interested in it but others once Ive played makes me wish I didnt buy it and when you exchange the games you only get half of what you paid for it if that!! I sometimes want to play the game before I buy it so I know if I will enjoy it ir not. I dont know anyone else with a DS so its not as if I can borrow their games to test them.