My friend's 9 year old pees the bed

@nixxi76 (3171)
May 4, 2008 6:51pm CST
On friday my friend, her boyfriend and her 9 year old son came over because we were going to trade vehicals to help my hubby and I out with the expensive gas prices. When they came over they assumed they were staying the night so we thought that would be okay, due to the distance that she had to travel to come by. During their visit, her son came in the living room to tell us about one of our kittens and how much fun he was having with it. When he went back to my son's room, after he exited my living room we noticed a potent smell and we asked my friend to check and see if he pooped his pants. When she checked, she seen that he did and apparently he did it on the way to our place. Not only did he not tell her but he lied about it also after being asked twice before she had to check his pants. She asked me if she could give him a shower as it was all over his bum, I said yeah go for it. She mentioned that he has been peeing the bed so we cut up some big black garbage bags for him to sleep on. Well.. in the morning the kids were up at 6am and he was all soaked in his pajamas and moved the garbage bags onto the floor and I could see that there was a circular mark of pee on our futon matress My hubby took the matress outside to air it out and I made him change his clothes while my friend was still sleeping. Later that day my friend and I went to town and I told her if she doesn't fix this now while he's still young, he could end up doing it till he's in his adult years. Maybe he has an overactive bladder or it's not fully developed yet? I don't know but at 9 years old? It seems that this kid's gaurdian isn't doing anything about his bathroom manners and I believe that's a bit of abuse to let him do it. Just his reactions of lying and pretending that nothing happened is a sign of no disaplin. My friend's mom has been taking care of this kid for about a year or maybe more now and I think his grandmother is not doing a thing about this! Is there any other advice anyone can help me pass on to my friend?