Gumball machine gets my daughter to help me more!!!!!!!!!

Katlyn at age three with her pigtails - Katlyn at age three
United States
May 5, 2008 7:51am CST
Well I will keep the gumball machine full that is for sure! My daughter has always been offered that if she will do stuff, usually bigger stuff like help in the yard and stuff like that I will pay her $10. She is five I am not wanting her to do a lot just help me out and try to teach her the value of money and that nothing in life is free, except my love for her and her brother. Well since che got this gumball machine two days ago she has been asking what she can do to make money. So, if she picks up something and puts it where it belongs she earns a penny which gets her the gum that she wants and gets me the help that I want from her to try and teach her that you have to earn money. I love that she is asking to do stuff instead of me asking and her not doing it. I am sure that when she gets tired of the gumball machine this might stop but I am hoping that it will help her learn that she has to earn her money and maybe she will be more willing to help out.
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• Australia
6 May 08
I think that bribery, for want of a better word, is wonderful. I have to get my eight year old son out of bed at 5.30 every morning so I can get him to before school care before I go to work. I have had some terrible battles with him as he is not a morning peron. Now I offer him $2 every morning if he will get up and get ready without giving me a hard time. He has the choice of saving his money or taking it to school for tuckshop. Most of the time he saves it and is now very proud of his savings. It is worth every bit of $2 to have a peaceful morning when no one gets upset.
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
9 May 08
That sounds like a neat way to get some help and teach your daughter how to earnmoney.she has fun and is learning to help around the house so everyone wins that way.I remember how I learned to cook and keep house just by helping my mom when I was a little girl. She would give me a few pennies for each job and then later it was just fun for me and I did not want to be paid at all. I was helping my mom and that was enough for me.