Vote for Josef of PBBTE--please help me guys..

May 6, 2008 9:50am CST
Let's vote Josef of PBBTE If you are residing here in the Philippines, Just text BB Josef and send to 2331 (Globe, Tm, Sun subscribers) OR BB Josef and send to 231 (Talkntext, Smart, addict mobile) and those who are residing outside of the Philippines, please help me vote.. [B][U]Online vote[/U][/B] 1. If you're a first-time voter, you need to register* first before you can vote. You will need a valid email address to do this. To register, please click this link[URL=""][/URL]. 2. After you've successfully registered, log in in the form below using your email address and password and click on the submit button. 3. On the Pinoy Big Brother voting page, enter your e-pin in the appropriate box, click on the button of the housemate you are voting for, and press the enter. Online voters who want to buy e-pin? just click[URL=""] here[/URL][/B][/QUOTE]
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• Philippines
6 May 08
are you related with josef? why ae you campaigning for him? I watch PBB almost every night and based on what i'm seeing, he is not so deserving to be retained in the house. Anyway, why should we vote for him? I really dont know him yet so i won't be concluding. Who do you want to go out this saturday?
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• Philippines
7 May 08
I'm not related to him at all but then I find a lot of good qualities in him. I happen to have live stream and although many do not like him in the house, I found out he's the one who often cooks, who is jolly and who brings joy to the house through his jokes. i want rona to go out. I know she's good and she's also one of the best house mates but then people have to choose and I don't want Nicole to go out either. Rona would be better off outside.