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@newway64 (343)
May 7, 2008 5:41am CST
hi all i want to make backup of my data which software is best now ? i have r/w dvd dual layer.
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• Malaysia
8 May 08
i don't think backing up data relies on what software you use. most commercial burners and freeware burners are capable of burning your backup files to your disc. the difference usually lies on the ease of use (functions, interface, etc.) if you use disc make sure the software supports dual layer disc (most commercial software will be able to do this. freewares are more likely going to support it too to follow the trend but you'll need to check on it.. if your dvd writer is bundled with a software, just use it. if not there's a lot of software to choose from to suit your budget. i personally use nero almost all the time. easy to use. i used roxio before. not so good at understanding the interface. my quick mind says: bad. tried a couple of freewares too. burned data well but without the frills (no media player, burn to playable dvd with menu, etc). late with dual layer support
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• India
17 Jun 08
Well, there are so many burning software in market. But you have a dual layer DVD writer, so first check that software support this functionality. I used Roxio to burn CD or DVD. But it was not user friendly. So now I use Nero, it is very much user friendly.I think it is also support dual layer DVD writer.
• Indonesia
24 May 08
you can backup your data with Nero Burning ROM, and you can use your Dual Layer DVD. and if you want another Burning Software, you can try with Nero Express, it's all Nero Product. You can choose Nero software to backup your data. try it.
@santuccie (3374)
• United States
7 May 08
What specifically are you trying to back up (e.g. data files, e-mail data from a desktop client, programs and settings, entire operating system)? Also, what version of Windows (if it is Windows) are you using?