I will finish my college in two months.

@tdh0218 (164)
May 7, 2008 9:06am CST
I attended college about four years ago. It was Sep.2004 that I reached Zhengzhou University. My major is Material Science and Engineering on metal. At first, I did not like it. Most of my friends and classmates also had no interest in their majors. I think that it may be not suitful. Now I enjoy my profession. It is curious and interesting. I have found a job last year. However, the company does not satisfy me now. In that case I want to find a new job. As you know , it is difficult to finish it because of so short time. But I will do my best. Then what about your college? And could you give me some help about finding work? Thank you.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
7 May 08
Hi! Congratulations! Its nice that you're going to graduate this year. You got to learn how to like adn lvoe your amjor huh?Good for you! At least you like the subject or topic that you've signed up for in college rather than you discovered that it is not for you at all. You're lucky than most people because they often switch majors just becuase they doubted that what they are taking in the present is the one for them. And so a lot of trial and error is g0ing on. Me, I like my major too. Actually I dont have any intense feelings for it at all. I jsut feel like it is something hat I msut do in order to get to what I really want and so its just a stepping stone. I havent graduated yet and I wont graduate this year. My graduate year is still in 2010 so I still ahve time. Im pretty sure that I wont be like the people who shift majors. Im pretty content with what I have now. Like I said before I havent graduated yet and I ahvent had a full time job before so I guess I cant help you there. Goodluck in finding another job and I hope it works for you better than it did on your first job.^_^