Have you ever watched foreign films?

@leebob (34)
May 9, 2008 12:01pm CST
I am sorry for my mistakes.I want to know have you even watched foreign films?Did you watch foreign films?What do you think of foreign films?DO you like foreign films?Can you tell some foreign films' names?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
9 May 08
Hi! Welcome to myLot. Dont worry about your mistakes. And waht mistakes are those by the way because I dont see any.^_^ REgarding your questions, yeah I have seen foreign films. I did watch foreign films. I dont categorize a film as 'foreign' or not. I categorize them as good or not. I dont 'like' foreign films but I like films that have really good stories. I dont look if it is foreign or not just as long as I think it will be a good movie then I will definitely watch it even if it is foreign or not. That pretty much answered all of your questions right?^_^ Hmm about the foreign films names. I remember that we watched 'Tora!Tora!Tora!'(Japanese). Good movie, its about the World War 2. Then there was 'La Vita E Bella'(German or was it French?). Im not sure if I spelled that right but it roughly translates to 'Life is Beautiful' in english. Its a really good movie. ITs a must see for all war, drama, romance, and hope fans. It has a really touching story about finding family, life and love despite of on-going wars(WW1, i think). I also remember watching 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'(French). I missed old wolf movies that are set in 18th century or something close to it. It was also about war and of hopr. Its kind of an epic film. Its really good too. I cant think of any otehr foreign movies right now but Im sure Ive watched other foreign films. Naked Weapon(Chinese), My Cyborg Girlfriend(Korean), lots of Korean and Japanese horror movies. and there are many others.^_^
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@renee0909 (152)
• China
9 May 08
I watched BRAVE HEART this afternoon. The ending made me shed tears actually. I like watching films. Watching foreign movies can be a good way to know this country's culture and learn language of course. welcome to mylot.