I feel sorry for Jack and his pub!!!

Jack and Frankie - Jack and Frankie own and run the pub in Hollyoaks, The Dog in the Pond often known as The Dog.
May 9, 2008 1:10pm CST
How has Jack managed to get so far in debt!! Its only since we found out about Darren's gambling problems, when he gambled his half of the pub away to Warren has Jack started to go into debt. I mean Jack has his son Darren, wife Frankie, her son Jake, daughter Steph (who lives with Max) Jake's son charlie (who's in hosiptal) and foster child Newt. Where has his money gone?? They had that robbery the other month when Darren got shot. Not sure how much money they got out of that but since then all you see Jack doing is ringing loan sharks and debt people. I really like Jack as he has been in it for a few years now and think he is fantasic as the owner of the pub. What do you think will happen to Jack and his family? Will they have to declare themselves bankrupt and lose the pub? Who would you like to run the pub??
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@mummymo (23707)
9 May 08
It is so easy to have a bit of financial trouble and then for it to spiral out of control! Looks to me like he is on the verge of a breakdown and maybe Darren wilol turn into a good guy now ....then again maybe not! Wouldn't it be fun if John Pauls love decided to leave the priesthood and those two ran the pub - we could see the Chicken Dance every night! lol xxx
10 May 08
I think Jack is heading for a breakdown, i hope he doesnt leave the show from this. I hope Darren does turn good and help his dad, all Frankie seems concerned with is baby Charlie. She gets to keep him when he comes home from the hospital as a social worker tells Nancy that Charlie is going to live with Frankie. It would be fun watching the priest run the pub but you would constantly have the McQueens in the pub wanting freebies!!
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9 Sep 08
You were kinda right about father kieron going into the pub industry,, he has started working in the SU bar but has now tragically been killed!! I didnt see that part but Im sure it was tear jerking!!
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@mummymo (23707)
14 Sep 08
I saw it sweets - that Niall is scarily believable! Thanks for Best Response! xxx
@tizlizzy (32)
19 May 08
No idea what's going to happen but I'm guessing that Jake confesses and Warren pays Darren what he promised. Then supposedly their financial worries will be over... but somehow I don't think it will be that simple. It never is on that show. How on earth is Darren going to explain coming in to all that money? I'm afraid the plotline re Jake and the confession is getting a bit farfetched but then a lot of the show is, but it's great entertainment. And if the police accept Jake's confession as genuine what would the motive have been? Ah well, all will be revealed in time.
@gemini_rose (16194)
11 May 08
I have just watched the Hollyoaks omnibus this morning, and what can I say, poor Jack, it never rains but it pours for that poor man. He has suffered terrible, things just never get any better, surely it is time that something went right for him, I have never seen a lottery win in Hollyoaks so maybe it is now time for Jack to be so down on his luck that with his last pound decides to buy a lottery ticket and wins!! I do not want to see anyone else in that pub, it just would not be the same!!