May 12, 2008 9:13am CST
What will you do if the new partner of your ex keeps on anonymously messaging you, in mail or text, thinking that you're still keeping on with your ex? What will you do especially if you're not that sure that she's the one messaging you, you've just got the gut feel?
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@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
12 May 08
I had an ex that it took him 6 months of being told that no i wasnt seeing him anymore to finally accept that i wasnt his girlfriend anymore. I generally ignored him when he called me honey, dear etc. And made a point of saying that i wasnt with him anymore..didnt want to get back together. It drove me nuts and finally was at the point where i started ignoring him. He actually continued to email and text me despite being ignored after saying he believed me that we weren't together anymore. I still ignored him as his emails were still a little too much like he didnt believe it. It took him four years to finally stop..and i havent heard from him in over 6 months *knock on wood* The gut feeling i had was if i responded to him he wouldnt leave me alone.
@wooitsmolly (3613)
• United States
12 May 08
I would just ignore it, myself. They probably want you to respond and get upset and make a big scene. People like that feed off of drama and it's best to just stay out of it and go on with your life. If you do that it will really get their blood boiling... dramatic people hate to be ignored . Eventually (if it is the ex's new partner) it will come out and your ex will hear about it. They will probably regret doing it at that point. Anyway, I would just ignore it.