Is any of your family hard to buy presents for?

May 12, 2008 10:17am CST
Today (12th May) is my mum's birthday and i hunted high and low to get her something nice. But could not find anything so in the end i resulted to the old favourites chocolate and flowers. I know that i will have the same problem come July when it is my sister's birthday she is nearly impossible to buy for. Do you have the same problem when it comes to presents, and how do you get round it. Have you come up with something original or different?. Would love to hear if you have as i could do with a few ideas.
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• United States
13 May 08
Nor really. My family is pretty much into the same stuff and they ask for the same stuff every year. Movies. It's all about DVDs. That's all we ask for on our birthdays as well as holidays. Luxury items such as soap and stuff are popular with my mom and aunts. Besides, everyone has a list of things they'd like to receive. So, it's no surprise when we open our gifts.
17 May 08
Thats good that they are easy to buy for. Do you think it would be nice to have a surpise now and again.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
12 May 08
I have no problem at all, I know that every time I will get them something, even if it's not unique or it was the same as the other year, it is something that they will love to wear and use!LOL! I usually get them nice tops/blouses for my mom and sister,or T-shirts/polo for my dad, and they always love my choice! But, there are cases where I have no time to shop I will just wrap a money for them, so, they can choose also what they want!but, chocolates and flowers, that is also very sweet! That is my sister's weakness, chocolates! LOL!
17 May 08
Lol my sister's as well. Well my mum loved the gifts. Thanks for your reply
• Philippines
12 May 08
yeah. my mom. when i bought something, sometimes she doesn't like it. that's why when i return to my hometown i just give her money so that she can buy what she want. or sometimes when we go out, i will just ask her if there is something that she want so that i am gonna buy it for her.
12 May 08
That is a good idea then your mum can get something she really likes.
@yanna1027 (249)
• United States
7 Jun 08
My husband and my mother. I always have a problem when it comes to their birthdays and Christmas presents. My husband thinks he doesn't need anything. So on his birthdays, I usually just buy him a card and we'll go out for dinner. When his favorite perfume runs out, I buy him that too. My mother is a simple person and she also thinks she doesn't need anything. So, I always end up giving her pieces of jewelry on her birthdays. I buy her bags and sandals too. I'm sure both of them wouldn't be mad if I have no gifts for them on their birthdays, as long as I remember and greet them. They are very sweet!
@idowrite72 (2214)
• United States
31 May 08
I would always prefer to buy a gift for someone but find that I sometimes give gift cards because it is easier and I don't always know what the person wants. My niece is 17 and I have always had a difficult time buying for her and she is at the point now that she wants cash and I won't give it to her, so she gets a gift card every time. I have found that my son's girlfriend and one of my sisters like candles and that is what I have bought for them the last couple of years since I know it is something they like and it is about the time that the other ones are done with. Several times I have bought gift cards to restaurants for my sisters and brother since I know they have to eat!! And for retirements I have figured that gift cards to the book store are good since many times the person is going to have more time on their hands!!
@GreenMoo (11842)
18 May 08
My parents are terribly hard to buy for as they already have all the things that they need! I suppoes that gets to be more and more the case as you get older and take care of your belongings. It's very easy to slip down the route of buying chocolates, plants or smellies for the bathroom, but I like to try and get something thoughtful if I can. Last christmas I commissioned someone to knit a special cat basket for my parents that I had seen on the internet. They seemed very pleased with it. I also bought them a voucher to have have a fresh free range lamb delivered for their freezer. It was a new business that I very much support, and I bought one for my sister and her husband as well.