Fighting: Are they men or boys?

@bcote212 (1113)
United States
May 12, 2008 2:35pm CST
The other day I was on the train on the way home from work. The trains during rush hour are very tight. There is not even room to answer your cell phone if it happens to ring, but it seems that people find enough room to physically confront eachother on the train. 90% of the time it is grown men. Shouldnt there be some sort of cut off? I expect teenagers to fight, but grown men? What is wrong with these people?
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@babykeka80 (2003)
• United States
12 May 08
Some people never grow up. It is so immature. It is probably over something petty or ridiculous too. Something like bumping into the other person or something. With most intelligent, educated, mature adults there is an age limit for this behavior but obviously these people do not fit into this description.
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• United States
21 May 08
Fighting is really immature and I think that ones that fight are really just boys in mens bodies. It doesn't turn me on when grown men punch and claw at each other like children when someone gets in their way or 'messes' with them or their woman. It's annoying and gross.
@nishidh (105)
• India
13 May 08
teen agrers always find way. life teach lession of groe up itself. and by the way one day they gonna growup and make a man
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
12 May 08
Hi bcote, I agree with you, it doesn't make sense. Adults are suppose to supervise children, and teach them that fighting is wrong. I guess some people just never grow up. Blessings.
@jillbeth (2711)
• United States
12 May 08
When a bunch of men are crowded together there is going to be a fight. I think it's just the way they are! I know that in jails where there is overcrowding there is a tendency for more fights to break out.