Why do you think some men are womanizers?

May 14, 2008 1:21am CST
I can't understand why some men cannot give up their interest with different women even if they're already married. Are they looking for something else or it's just that they feel good when they are hook up to different women? I mean are they feeling more handsome, stronger, more dominant or what? this is something that i don't understand with men. Some men say it's their nature. Well, maybe. But I see other men responsible enough with their actions. I don't know what kind of thinking they have that drives them to be womanizers when at the beginning God created one woman for one man. I mean, if it's really their nature God shouldn't have created one woman only for a man knowing that His man creation wouldn't be satisfied due to having this "Nature." I think this is one effect of "sin" man committed from the very beginning. Can anyone explain why some of the men are womanizers?? co'z i don't really understand. what do they get from it?