Does Walmart's Preserved food Bother you?

@barehugs (8986)
May 14, 2008 5:16am CST
Can food preservatives be good for you? I try to stay away from food that contains preservatives. Walmart cuts their meat in a central location and trucks it to the stores already cut and wrapped ready for sale. If you read the fine print on the package it tells you that preservatives have been added to the meat. This is done to keep the color and freshness in the product. My question is- what does this foreign substance do to our bodies? What possible good can it do for us? It is strictly for the good of Walmart! I do not buy preserved meat from Walmart!
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@irishmist (3820)
• United States
15 May 08
Gee I was not aware Walmart did this, and never really gave it a thought, but now that I have learned this, I will not be buying anymore meat from Walmart. I have only bought meat a few times from there, and I have to say I didn't think had the best taste and it was rather tough.
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
16 May 08
Only God knows when that meat was cut, and She's not telling! When I was a kid you could go into a butcher shop to buy meat and watch the butcher cut it from the Quarter of Beef. Mmm, it was Good!
@whittby (3073)
• United States
18 May 08
Well, I learn something all the time here on myLot. I'm going to go read the fine print next time I'm at the Big W. I don't like preservative either and try to buy stuff without preservatives, MSG, corn syryp and all that kind of stuff. It's hard. It's in everything under all kinds of names.
@jenni7202 (1598)
• United States
15 May 08
Well, there are preservatives in a lot of products. If you buy canned foods, or even frozen foods, there are preservatives. I eat the packaged meats from Walmart because I work there, and they are cheaper than any other place around me. I don't have the luxury (not saying you do) to buy wherever I please, because prices are so high. I did learn about preservatives in foods when I was in high school during one of my cooking classes. I do wish that I could remember what they said about them, and what the different preservatives they used were. I can't though, so sorry, lol.
• Philippines
14 May 08
Sorry friend i have not experienced yet.