Girl crime is up by 25%

May 15, 2008 3:41am CST
How shocking is that?? This news comes in from the Youth Justice Board's Annual Workload Data report. This shows that girls committed 59,236 crimes in 2006/07 which is up 25% from 47,358 in 2003/04. Surprisingly enough this compares to a 2% drop in crimes committed by boys over the same period, although young men still commit the majority of crimes. It is shocking that girls are being committed for more crime but according to the article "It is fights between girls, principally - things like fights at school that the police weren't called to in the past. Most offending by girls, especially violent offending, is of a very low level. It doesn't mean it's insignificant, but it is hair-pulling fights between girls." So girl crime isnt properly up, more people are reporting them or police are being called out to deal with these fights when thay werent before hand!! Whats your views about girls committing crimes?? I know we dont want anyone to commit crimes least of all girls!!
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