Did anything go wrong at your wedding?

@mikeysmom (2092)
United States
May 15, 2008 9:28am CST
they say that something will go wrong no matter how much planning you do. at my wedding my older sister who was my maid of honor forgot the ring in her car. she drove to my house and we took the limo from there to the church. when the priest asked for the ring she said she forgot it! i was so upset but yet i felt bad for my sister because she was really embarrassed. people started passing their rings up so we could use them but i had a fake ring tied onto the pillow that the ring bearer was holding (it was plastic painted gold) because we did not want to entrust the little 5 year old with the real rings. i untied it and handed it to the priest and we used that but it barely fit on my husband's finger. we have the whole thing on video tape and looking back it was a very uncomfortable and tense moment but we got passed it. my husband never had his ring blessed that i bought him and wore it on our honeymoon and lost it the first night of our trip while eating crab legs at an all you can eat seafood restaurant. his fingers were greasy from dipping the crab in butter so we figured it must have just slid off. we went back to the restaurant later when we realized it but we never found the ring. i guess he just wasn't meant to have that ring...
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@eihdra (3116)
• Philippines
15 May 08
I have been married twice..But it is in my first wedding that was so nerve wracking that I totally forgot what to reply to the priest..My ex had to shake his head in disbelief and I still cant remember..I was tongue-tied because I wasnt ready to get married yet, that i couldnt even open my mouth..People were whispering at my back- thinking, all sorts of things.. that Im getting cold feet, I might be dizzy coz of the tight wedding dress and others.. I just couldnt speak.. Maybe that was a sign that after 5 long painful, agonizing years, we will separate..funny, though, when the priest whispered to me the answer, i found my tongue...am thinking now that maybe I shouldn't have said anything then..just pretend I was fainting..lol..
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• Canada
16 May 08
Nothing went wrong at my wedding, and it's probably because my husband and I eloped. LOL Something did go strangely at my sister's wedding, though. Instead of saying "with this RING I thee wed" the groom said "with thiw WING I thee wed." LOL
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@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
16 May 08
Actually our wedding went pretty smooth, but then again we had a very simple wedding.