A human-powered car! They've made one..

@dragon54u (31636)
United States
May 15, 2008 12:00pm CST
I had a writing assignment on human powered energy and found that HumanCar has actually made a car that they'll soon be selling for $6500. It takes 4 people to operate it by pushing and pulling t-bars and can go up to 60mph. It has an assist-battery that kicks in on hills and the people in front steer it by leaning. Can you imagine how much this would save us?! Trillions in healthcare for respiratory diseases caused by pollution, wear and tear on roads and bridges because of its light weight, and so many other savings! Not to mention combating noise pollution. I would love to have one of these if they made one for a single driver. I'm all alone most of the time so I couldn't get 3 other people to help drive it. I'm sure a single model isn't far off. Would you buy one of these? I sure would!!
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