Summer Road Trip

May 15, 2008 2:48pm CST
It is summer once again and I bet you already have plans on where to go. However, because of the rising prices of commodities today, that summer vacation just have to be the cheapest there is. With some of us, it's going to be the much awaited ROAD TRIP! Then again, with gasoline prices soaring, road trip is not cheap as it used to be. With this in mind, I want to share with you tips that I've read in a TIME magazine (MAy, 2008)article. As the article stated, we already know that we could save gas if we use the air conditioning unit sparingly (but with the heat, who can do that!), making sure that our tires are properly inflated and getting a tune up before the trip. So, this article gave some more things we could do to save on gas. USE YOUR GPS New car navigation devices display prices at gasoline stations on your route. They also steer you clear of traffic, helping cut wasteful idling. GET FREE GAS Hundreds of hotels and small inns are giving away gas cards worth up to $25 for each night of stay. See a list at or contact Marriott, Hilton, or Holiday Inn. DRIVE PAST THE DRIVE-THROUGH Idling can waste up a gallon per hour, so take the time to park your car and stretch your legs before you refuel your body for the road ahead. TAKE YOUR TWO-WHEELER Motorcycles use half the gas of cars, and bikes use none. Try a family bike tour or go motorcycle camping. GO BAREFOOT The increased sensitivity on the pedals helps you accelerate and brake more efficiently. LIMIT CRUISE CONTROL Use it only on flat roads. Forcing your engine to rev up and down to maintain fixed speed wastes momentum- and gas. These are just some tips for that road trip to be more affordable. You are welcome to share with us other ways to save. With the high prices today, every tip is valuable- even the littlest one! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!
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@snowy22315 (50997)
• United States
15 May 08
There ae alot of places i would like to go this summer, although I don't know how may of them I will actually visit due to the high gas prices. I would like to go to Acadia National Park since my husband's mother lives in NH. We visited Mount Washington, and Salem Mass when we were up there before. I would like to vist my parents this summer,but if I go I will probably have to fly since it is an eight hour drive. One good thing is that we have a hybrid so we don't have to use as much gas as some people.
• Philippines
15 May 08
it is good to know that you have a hybrid....but still some few tips to save gas wouldn't hurt...don't you agree? have a good summer vacation and may you be able to visit all the places you have in your list!
• India
5 Jun 08
i hope to take a trip to the biosphere reserve in my state.its not quite far and so would save me the gas.what really matters is there are very few passes given out and its in there where the real pain is... ofcourse some of your advice would come handy. have a good day buddy.