The Hobbit

Guillermo del Toro - Photo of Guillermo del Toro
@Nadura (44)
May 16, 2008 5:31am CST
I'm a big LOTR fan, both reading and the movies, but I have to say that the fact The Hobbit is going to be directed by Guillermo del Toro really troubles me. He's previously been quoted as saying he isn't a fan of Tolkein's books and the mysterious second film lined up that takes place between The Hobbit and Fellowship just sounds plain wrong! Unless it's based on Tolkein's Silmarillion. What does everyone else think? Do you trust Del Toro not to destroy the franchise and the excellent work done by Peter Jackson? Would you rather they just didn't make The Hobbit at all?
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16 May 08
He certainly has vision, and a wonderful imagination. Who quotes him as saying he doesn't like Tolkien? I can't find any critics saying he is a bad choice. He has done wonderful fantasy work and adaptations of other people's works... We were talking about this down the pub last night and it was pretty unanimous that he was THE perfect choice to direct The Hobbit and a sequel. Peter Jackson is going to be executive producer so that should counter any issues you may have over him messing something up.