Why can Manchester United dominate Liverpool?

May 16, 2008 6:09am CST
I've noticed since Rafa took over, Reds has seldom won over Manchester United. Very often, Steven Gerrard calls his teammates to beat Manchester United just before the eccounter, but the result is usually quite disappointing. Also, Liverpool has won the league 18 times while Manchester 17. But here's something to see that the last league title won by Reds was before the Premier League was founded. That is to say, Reds has never won a single Premier League Title. As for the Red Devils, they won most of the titles in the 90s. Why can them dominate Liverpool? Personally I think Alex Ferguson is a smart manager who's also good at making tatics. Second, he is able to train butches of young players e.g. Paul Scoles, Ryan Giggs & David Beckham. Most importantly, Manchester is more successful in commerce and merchant. Their kits usually sells well for there are so many fans all over the world. Further more, world-famous companies are always trying to be the sponsors of the club. In a world, the competetion of modern football depends more and more largely on the competetion on commerce and merchant.
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@yipseng (34)
• Malaysia
12 Jun 08
Alright, i have to admit that since Rafa took over, Liverpool playing style has changed from a defensive team to an attacking style team which consist of more strikers nowadays. This is a good improvement but the quality of the play Manchester United produced were far too great because of their manager and also the player themself Rafa strategy of rotating the squad has been a main issue for some times!!! I think because of this strategy, liverpool always failed to live up to expectation although they have the star player and quallity to do so. The often of different player playing on the next game means that the chemistry between the players themself is lower compare to other teams who have their regular always. So liverpool needs to play their regular more often to produced better team chemistry
• Vanuatu
17 Jun 08
This is because of the quality of manchester united side. they have ronnaldo rooney etc. liverpool depends only on gerrard and torres.man u also have a very good attacking attitude which liverpool lacks.
@reg386 (76)
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
liverpool is the best team in europe. they are the five time european champions. man united is also a good team and they have so many luck in their basket. liverpool team is a team player team. hopefully next season liverpool will beat man u
• India
19 Jun 08
the amount of money MNA utd spend on the market is evident on the pitch.as far as we go we have enough trouble with the owners ..so there are nt many quality players in the team except 3-4..so u can expect us to get beaten
@tooslar (42)
10 Jun 08
Well, there is no doubt about tghe fact that Liverpool is the most successful club in England and the third most successful in the whole of Europe. It is now time for Rafa Benitez side to detach emotions and inferiority complex whenever they play ManU, let them play them like any otgher team, like they crashed mighty AC Milan from 3goals down some years back. They should always play premier league games with the same spirit they use to play in tghe champions league. My word of Adivce for the team is that they should go ahead and do whatever thing it will take them to retain the title of being the best in England by adding to the 18 League titles they have won. Liverpool for ever! Never Walk Alone!
@mrtimharry (1180)
18 May 08
For the past few years Liverpool have only ever managed to put three or four top class players on to the pitch at anyone time. Be it Mcmanaman and fowler, or more recently gerrard and owen. This year we have improved to get reina, mascherano,gerrard and torres into one team. During the past fifteen years though as much as i hate to say it Man U have been able to put 6 or 7 top class players onto the pitch. The difference over the season means that Man U come out on top as they have better quality players overall, as much as I hate to say it. Liverpool can pull off the odd big game here and there, whcih makes them an excellent cup team but not so good over a season