My girl needs to move to the 'liberation nation'

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
May 17, 2008 7:12am CST
Like I tell P all the time, liberation is not just a foregn country it is the nation to go to for more than a vacation. She pretends that that adage is opaque or something. She and one of my bestest buddies have been seeing one another for over 4 years. Mind you he is married, however that is beside the point. Since the first day I laid eyes on her when he introduced us 4 years back she has been firmly entrenched in the ideal that it is his job to support her and that she should not have to work for a living. They just got back together after taking a break for a couple of months (hmmmmph!) and now neither one of them is working so they are a rather "needy" set of friends. In fact the bf and I have recently been discussing cutting them off from our assets for a while. At least until either one or both of them becomes self-supporting again. I am supportive of my friends whether they are right or wrong in a difference of opinion but I am not trying to be supporting these two needy babies who are both older than I she (+8 mos) he (+22 yrs) and even if they were not I am not f-acking either of them so it is not mine or my mans responsibility to take them under our wings like baby birds. I have tried 3 times in the last 2 weeks to impress upon both of them that God belsses the child with his own, why? Because they are not getting any of mine anymore. I have always recommended to P that she get a job and spend some time away from her man every day. She says 1) she doesn't need a job,2) it is T's job to support her like a child or a wife (note: his wife works for a living!), 3) she doesn't want independance and thinks 'liberation' women's or anyones is overrated. 4) she doesn't think that women should have to work if they have a man! Knock knock, it IS 2008 not 1808 right? Where did this Victorian idealism come from. Is she even on the autoresponder of reality? I don't think so! Because no woman under 65 could possibly actually believe that claptrap, right? I personally believe that she is spoiled and lazy and that T has enabled her silly notions and behavior for far too long!
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