Least Challenging Thing You Would Do In Your Life

@teena22 (422)
May 17, 2008 8:13am CST
it's always easy to state challenging things we've done. but what about the least thing you would ever do in your entire life? dare to state one? for me, the least challenging thing i would never do is to do dangerous stunts: parachuting, bunjee jumping, skydiving...weeeeeeeeee...i would die of nervousness.
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17 May 08
As a matter of fact, I did a parachute jump last year - and that wasn't easy because I suffer from a pretty extreme fear of falling! A combination of good training by the instructors at the parachute centre and my own knowledge of meditation techniques stopped me panicking, but it was absolutely the most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life. So when you say you'd never do anything, bear in mind that you might change your mind and you can do almost anything if you're motivated enough. Thinking of something challenging that I'd be least likely to try - well I'm not very athletic, so I'd be unlikely to run a marathon. Even less likely would be swimming the English Channel - not only would I need to be extremely fit, but I'd be scared of getting cramped. But the least likely thing I can think of is climbing a mountain without ropes or other climbing equipment - I can't remember what the name for it is, but I've seen people on TV climbing mountains with just their bear hands and feet - sometimes hanging from a cliff by just the tips of the fingers on one hand! No way!
@teena22 (422)
• Italy
20 May 08
yeah right...i won't see myself climbing those rocky mountains with bare hands....lolz.