What is or was your worst nightmare?

@leanneg (178)
May 18, 2008 9:36pm CST
I've had lots of them but what was your worst?
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• Philippines
11 Jun 08
My worst nightmare! Waahh. It was all about a demon invasion in our home. I was fighting them. Every thing in the room was black and red. And the noise they create was very scary. Whenever I remember that dream, I can feel the chill. I dont want to dream it anymore. I feel so helpless when Im in that dream. Evil was so powerful then. I cant fight them. I thought i can because I am the master of my dream but they are just too controlling when Im in that dream. Scary!!
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
11 Jun 08
I have had some nasty nightmares in my life especially before the age of 24. Most notable of these were being chased by a demon or witch or banshee and not being able to escape. What freed me from this dream was my mantra. I had just been initiated into yoga and had my personal mantra to use for meditation. When my nightmare began, I was conscious enough to think of using my mantra on the tormentor so instead of running away I turned around and caught her, the hideous beast, by the arms and screamed my mantra at her which seemed to hurt her and sapped her power. I kept on shouting until I let her go flying off into the night never to torment me again.
• India
20 May 08
i used to see a kind of aura turning into a big enery ball surrounding me whole and then i found myself running away from it its kind of strang i felt that if dat ball touch me i will die.....and more over than that everything used to happend in speed of light....
@lvaldean (1612)
• United States
19 May 08
I don't have nightmares or dreams that I remember. I think life hands enough of them and I appreciate that at least my sleep is not disrupted.