What are the things you like and don't like about yourself ?

@mikeysmom (2092)
United States
May 19, 2008 4:39am CST
this may be hard for some people to answer but it gets you thinking. i like that i am compassionate and kind. i like that i am affectionate and loving. i like that i am organized because it makes my life easier. i like that i am not lazy and don't procrastinate about things i need to do. i like that i am good with children. i like that i am friendly and can make conversation with people. the things i don't like are that i push myself too hard most days and don't give myself a chance to relax, i don't like that people have the ability to hurt me because i am sensitive. i don't like that i hate to exercise because i really need to. i guess if i really thought about it more i could come up with a few more things but that is it for now. so what do you like and dislike about yourself?
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@igotpaid (20)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
i like it when i love! i don't like it when i start to notice some parts of my body which are not made perfect.. i really hate it! but then, i like it when i start to realize that no one's perfect, inside out.. it brings back my mood! hahaha
@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
20 May 08
I do like my ability to think quickly, but I do not like the tendency I have of talking myself out of things because "I wouldn't be able to do it anyways".