When you're having a horrible day what was the best surprise you received?

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May 20, 2008 1:53am CST
Today was one horrible day for me. I woke up with horrific pain in my neck...imagine your worst headache and multiply it by a thousand and you are touching the tip of the pain I had. I started finals in college this week and Monday night was my first final so I couldn't lay there and suffer, so I finally managed to stagger to the fridge and get a bag of ice and I laid on it for over an hour to try to reduce the pain. I managed to get out of bed and get ready to go to town, then my friend called asking me to take her to her husband's doctor's office to get a replacement prescription (she doesn't drive and they don't own a car. Also he lost the prescription on his way home.) I said yes, even though deep down I didn't want to. She got in the car and started complaining about the air conditioning in my car, it didn't make the car like a deep freeze (she likes being really really cold when it's hot). We got the prescription and took it to Wal Mart, on the way she asked to borrow the money for his co pay on the prescription, then money for toilet paper, and then money for food... we dropped off his prescription and mine and were told it would take forty minutes. Wal Mart was a zoo...there was a ton of people there who wouldn't move out of the way to save their lives. When we got to the back of the store my friend just dropped and sat on the floor in the crafts department. I ended up going back up front to get a handicapped cart for her...which she should have gotten in the first place. We wasted the forty minutes and went back to pick up the prescriptions...neither was ready. His because they asked for the wrong paperwork and mine because the doctor didn't put down some information and when they called the bookkeeper (who said she was his nurse) told the pharmacy that I couldn't have the medication until Friday. (That means another 80 mile round trip with fuel prices at $4 a gallon-I get to pay for it, not that idiot!) Then the person who was going to buy the truck that I have for sale decided that he isn't going to take it (fortunately I haven't told anyone that it was sold!!!) I went in for my final and the instructor decided that we needed to have a hundred questions and for some reason the type on the questions was all different for each question...which didn't help the pain any. I got home angry, tired and hurting. It takes five Tylenol extra strength to take the edge off the pain, but at least I got home. I finally sat down and was relaxing when my boy friend came down. He opened the sack he was carrying and presented me with a box of fresh strawberries (one of my favorites) and a big bag of dark chocolate M & M's. It doesn't sound like much, but it was so wonderful that he did something soooooo sweet. When you've had a horrible day, what is the best surprise you've ever received? Who gave you the surprise? Did it make the horrible go away?
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20 May 08
Awww, what a sweet boyfriend you have. It really is the little things in this life that matter; the random acts of kindness we show each other. You really did have the day from h**l. I probably would have had a major anxiety attack, right there in Walmart. As for something that was out of the blue, I'd say it would have to be when my son calls, even though he doesn't know I'm having a rough day, he calls because he "senses" I need to hear his voice. He is 2500 miles away. He can always bring a smile to my face, even on the worst day. Enjoy those M&M 's. Get better soon. Blessings