Does a bookkeeper have the power to over ride a Doctor's written prescription...

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May 20, 2008 2:08am CST
This is a question that is bugging the daylights out of me. My doctor's bookkeeper has told the pharmacy that I get my prescriptions from that I cannot get my prescription until Friday. He wrote the prescription on the day of my visit and forgot to include some information. The pharmacy called to clarify the omission and that is when the bookkeeper stated that she was the doctor's nurse and told them that I cannot have the medication until Friday. I feel like I am a five year old with "mommy" telling me that I can't have something until I do my chores or something like that. I also am extremely angry that this woman is passing herself off as a nurse and controlling something that only the doctor should be controlling. She has no idea of what I need the medication for or why I am getting it filled at that particular time. The prescription is for pain medication. I have two nerves that are involved in the swelling that is occurring in my neck from the ruptured disks that are rubbing on them. I woke up Monday morning in the kind of pain that is only equaled by child birth, and child birth would be a picnic in comparison! I had to take five Tylenol extra strength to manage to go to my college final Monday night, and then to have this pimple on the fanny of society decide to play nurse and tell me that I couldn't have what I need. I told my boyfriend that if I wake up in the kind of pain that I woke up with on Monday morning I am going to have him take me to the ER! What I want to know is what would you do in this case. I will be calling the doctor...I am close to firing him as my doctor because of this witch. I complained to him, the medical boards and any other association and governing group that would listen...I am tired of this woman controlling not only me, but other patients of the doctor's. She has a book where she has noted people that SHE decided that are drug abusers and if they call in a prescription even a day before they are due to get a refill she will deny it (without even letting the doctor know about the request!) Again, what would you do???
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20 May 08
How awful!!! I am in shock. I don't like the front office staff of my doc, but they would never pull anything like that. And no, she does not have the authority or power to override the doc, or pretend to be his nurse. If you can't reach the nurse or doc himself, I would call after hours when the answering service is on, then leave a message for them to call you back. I also would certainly look into finding another doc asap. I know that can be really tough; I've been there. You've taken all the right steps and now it's time for a change. And yes, if you wake up feeling bad or are in pain, you should go to the ER...tell them you are looking for a new doctor, but not about the perscription. I hope you get to feeling better really soon. Hugs