Question for Christians who are against gay marriage

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May 20, 2008 11:07pm CST
I have asked this question now to two Christians on this site, and have yet to receive an answer. Now, if you are Christian, and you believe because God says being a homosexual is a sin therefore gay marriage should be illegal then you qualify to answer my question. The question is: Where in the bible does God ever force people to not sin? When does he (or Christ) ever force God's law onto the people of this world?
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21 May 08
hey there Lisan..I just had to post on your thread.This subject has been eatinhg away at me..and seeing all the answers i have read im even angrier..I am Christian..but i have my own own beliefs that doesnt necessarily abide by other christians thinkings..I am sick and tired of people saying that anyone Gay is going to hell or that gay marriage is soo wrong...WHOS BUSINESS IS IT ANYWAYS??they arent hurting NO ONE!! And yet soo many people are making a huge fit about it..COME ON PEOPLE! And just because some pastors..or priests whoever desifer(SP?) somewhere that Gay marriage is against God..HUM BUG!! LOL..God loves everyone..color..creed..disbilities..everyone!! Not just the ones that gfo to church..then come home and try and ruin the lives of those they dont understand..fear..or i s strange to them..go to another country people!! That would put those so called "christians" in shock! The world is evolving..and we just need to get used to the changes and accept it and let those poor people be!!!! great post btw!! have a good one!! April
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