what is the ranking system

May 21, 2008 8:54am CST
How the ranking system working. I'm talking about the one showed next to our name in responses.
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@fizanali (478)
• Pakistan
27 May 08
i think it depends upon ur intrest in a particular interest. it has nothing to do with ur earnings, otherwise everyone would just choose one intrest and keep posting in it to become number 1, that's i think against the mylot spirit.
• Philippines
21 May 08
i was wondering the same thing before i got my first star. they say that it was like participation ranking. the more you posts and participates in the discussions you can get one then. and as you continue it becomes higher. i got mine rank at 8 after reaching my 100th posts. i think it ranked 1 to 10. 10 as the highest.
@arcideaco (1259)
• Singapore
21 May 08
Till now, I am not too sure myself. I think it is the number of times people rate you either positive or negative, I supposed it is so. Cheers.
• Indonesia
21 May 08
i guess that's our level of activity in the particular interest. for example, your current ranking in "mylot.com" interest is 19033 of 21238. it means the number of mylotters who are interest in "mylot.com" is 21238 people. and your rank is 19033 of 21238.
@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
21 May 08
Hi, There is a discussion started few minutes ago about the ranking system. You can go to read it at http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/1524730.aspx I will explain briefly what the ranking is about. Ranking system shows your rank in myLot, the star with 10 is the highest rank and star with lower number is lower rank. The higher your rank, the better the payment you get per post you created in myLot. So, try to get higher ranking in myLot because it shows you reputation and it can help you make more money too. Happy mylotting!! Keep on postign, once you reach 100 posts, you will get your star. Good luck.