Diabetes remedy

May 22, 2008 5:19am CST
Does anybody know any natural remedy for diabetes? I heard that the tablets given for diabetes have some side effects. As these medicines have to be used for a long time it will affect the function of some internal organs like kidney, liver etc. Some of my immediate relatives have got type II diabetes. Is there any remedy other than food control? Kindly advice
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@eihdra (3116)
• Philippines
22 May 08
hi padmameera. I have Type II diabetes and my medicine maintenance is METFORMIN or GLUCOPHAGE. This kind of medicine helps you lower your blood sugar level. If the medicines are prescribed by the doctors there, your relatives should drink because it would really help. Those medicines will surely have an effect in the internal organs because it will make them function properly and not the other way around. Just dont go trying medicines that are not approved by your doc. Apart fro the meds and diet, I also drink supplemental teas or herbal medicines. Here in the Philippines, we have tea or capsules that are made from "ampalaya" or "bitter gourd". It is proven here that it also helps lowering down cholesterol and sugar. But this is only a supplement. Meaning, this is not a replacement for the daily maintenance that the doc gave. My best advice would be still food control and lots of exercise. Do not eat lots of carbohydrates and sweets. A diabetic needs to trim down or lose some weight. Most especially, drink the prescribed medicines. A person can't die because of Diabetes. If not controlled, the complications or infections coming from other organs, that's what is gonna kill the person. I hope, I have helped you in any way.
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• India
22 May 08
Hi Eihdra In India also Bitterguard is considering as a supplementary remedy for diabetes. Our doctor prescribed Insulin injection and Euglucon tablets. They are taking these medicines regularly. Your reply is very informative. I don't know that the medicines given for diabetes will keep our organs healthy make them properly functioning. Thanks a lot
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@oneidmnster (1389)
• United States
1 Jun 08
I guess in America we call it Bitter Melon.you can get it in pill form.It's worked wonders for me.some people also like cinnamon,but it never did anything for me.
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• Australia
23 May 08
I'm diabetic type2 I take gloucvance and diamicron.If you can walk for 30 minutes a day,eat bitter gourd.drink lots of water.Exersise is the best but i'm too lazy to do it.