From Trust to Betrayal

May 23, 2008 2:47am CST
Greetings to all MyLot people. Just wanna share a story and learn your view on this. How dyou think one can survive... a life full of problems and pains? Every I go to work and have to travel 23kms from home... I would always see people lined up for a 2kls of rice ... (our staple food)in twenty years this year seem to be the worst. We may suffer the rising up of fuel price, electronics, fare rates, accessories, whatever materials BUT NOT those our stomach needs everyday.. I can recall this situation happened b4. I was trying to think who is to be blamed. You can read my country is #8 most corrupt country in the WORLD. Wow is that something to rejoice? its notoriety not fame. Court Cases involving govt officials drags down the drain...nobody is punished. salaries increased 3 years ago...gas price every other day. Food and basic necessities skyrocketing ... pockets getting deep... well good for you in the western world its not this hard... But how can you bear look at people lining up for couple of kilos of rice... that's for 1day consumption.... worst I guess is still to come... tho tragedies in China and Myanmar are really terrible.. they are naturally caused... in my country I don't believe its natural- THESE ARE HUMAN DICTATED .. poor becomes poorer.. rich becomes richer and stupid.. Can you live in a country like mine? Don't you wonder why so many of my countrymen opt to leave and migrate?? We have focused on HUMAN BUSINESS sending people abroad so my government earns more... we don't concentrate on exporting materials much to upgrade people's lives. AHHH these agonies will go on and on... crimes, kidnapping, bombings, bank robberies, costly education...etc nothing positive. How can u hold on to your sanity in a place like this? Do you see these horror in your streets? at least I can believe we are not actually different at all. Tell me
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
24 May 08
When leaders rob the people blind, who can you blame? When voters sell their votes, who can you blame for those elected who become corrupt leaders? Is it the chicken or the egg? Perhaps everyone needs to go away and leave the country for greener pastures. Let the foreigners come and live in the country. They can afford the high prices,I am sure.
• Philippines
26 May 08
hello UDT, you're right... it has been a long time such system of corruption reigns. Thanks for sharing a view... SHalom
@snowy22315 (54499)
• United States
27 May 08
That is sad. i cant imagine what it would be like to have to see people standing in line every day for basic necessities. There are people that are hungry in this country but in most cases we have resources to help them out. I think if we ever get things good here again we should do more to help the rest of the world with basic necessites.