is there any thing wrong in making love relation with ur teacher ??

May 26, 2008 10:04am CST
i think mine teacher is also wana to make love relation wid me (her eyes had told me). she is 10 years older dan me ,and i don't think so that age will come in the way. the only confusion in mine mind is dat, will it be ok to love ur teacher, will it be accepted by the society ?wat u think is it ok ??
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@freak369 (5019)
• United States
26 May 08
Maybe when you are done she can teach you how to spell. I doubt this is a serious post or at the very least "her eyes had told me". Unless you live under a rock and haven't seen all the news stories, society generally frowns on teachers and students getting involved with each other.
@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
26 May 08
Well, if this is true love, go ahead and let society think what it will. However, if your motives are not pure, you should be very careful about approaching this. The teaching profession has very strict rules about getting involved with students and you don't want to put the teacher into a tricky situation for the fun of it. Having said all of that, she's an adult and should know what she's getting into. You should probably be the one to be guard here. How do you know her eyes are telling you that she wants you? You don't want to make mistakes in this type of relationship. Anyway, I hope you are a consenting adult who is not in school!
• India
26 May 08
i am damn serious lol why u think dat i m not serious i am really searious just confused at should i start wid da relation or no
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
26 May 08
if she is hot I would do it...hahaha
• India
26 May 08
it is ntohing funny here bro i m damn serious for her plz take it seriously okay ???
@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
28 May 08
It's up to your decision. No matter what it will bring, you must face the good and bad side from having a teacher-student love relationship.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
27 May 08
well dear, its ur suppostion now ask ur teacher as what she want and then think of some thing a head. if u r looking for sincere and long term relation then sure age and society does not matter wish u all the best
@paid2write (5202)
26 May 08
I think you have to wait until she is no longer your teacher. She could get into a lot of trouble and may lose her job if she has a relationship with you while she is still teaching you. She may genuinely like you and you like her too but you should consider her employment and her future. I am sure you will not want her to lose her job.