SimpleRefs, ProgramRefs, and three a crowd?

Greenwood, Mississippi
May 27, 2008 2:38pm CST
GetRef is one of my all-time favorite methods of getting referrals. I'm pretty loyal to that site -- it's honestly one of the very few I've found that has an upgraded membership that is truly worth paying for. Still, GetRef isn't perfect. There are plenty of scammers there, and referrals from there often go inactive after getting credited for signing up to your programs (in my experience, though, most referrals are going to be inactive...building a downline is essentially a numbers game). Anyway, I decided to start checking out some of GetRef's competitors just to see if any would be worth using alongside GetRef. I discovered three sites that look very much alike: SimpleRefs, ProgramRefs, and TargetRefs. SimpleRefs and ProgramRefs seem to be run by the same guy; I'm not sure about TargetRefs. I like the basic interface that all the sites use, and I'm planning to give each one a try...but one thing is puzzling me. Why are so many referral sites being started up so soon after each other and perhaps by the same person? It seems that SimpleRefs is supposed to be a simpler version of ProgramRefs. TargetRefs' advantage is that it has the deepest referral program (five levels deep instead of three). If you use these sites, do you feel confident that they'll be around for the long haul? I always feel a bit uneasy when one site owner decides to start one new site after the other -- it creates the possibility that all the sites in the network could fail all at once which is really bad for those who have invested time and/or money into several! I'd hate to build a downline in one of these programs (or, worse, all three of them!) only to have the whole network collapse on me.
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@msmell (1378)
• Australia
5 Aug 08
Um I have been a member of Getref's for awhile now but I have only ever managed to get 2 referrals for here at mylot from there and both of them referrals joined up under me took my points from Getref but never even made one post here at MyLot so I am a bit put off my this program now as alot of the people who are on there are not honest and are only looking to get free points for basically nothing so that they are able to get points to use for themself to get people to sign up under them!!!!!!!! I may be wrong but that is just how i feel about this program... :(
• United States
5 Aug 08
So far getref has worked fairly well. I have gained 4 refs and only one person took credits and didn't really sign up. Only time will tell if these referrals with be active or disappear.
@blueyesco (156)
• United States
3 Aug 08
Hi echomonster, I just recently heard of targetrefs and did a search of mylot to see if there were any posts on it. Yours was then only one that came up and I see that it is 3 months old. Have you compared targetrefs and getrefs? Any pros or cons on either? I am already a member at getrefs but researching targetrefs as a possiblility to go with. Would appreciate your input on what you have learned over the past 3 months.
• Greenwood, Mississippi
4 Aug 08
I would still recommend GetRef if you have to go with just one. It's by far the bigger site so it's easier to get referrals for your programs there. It's also the already established site with a proven history -- I'm sure it's going to be around a year or two from now, but I really don't know if that'll be the case with TargetRefs. TargetRefs does have a couple of advantages of its own, though. Because it is smaller, there's less competition among promoters there. On GetRef, the most popular programs are being promoted by twenty or more people and huge amounts of credits are being's basically impossible for the little guy without money to spend to compete so one has to start out promoting less popular programs. You'll have an easier time on TargetRefs for now though some programs, like Neobux, are already becoming quite overcrowded also. Also, because TargetRefs is new it should be easier to build a downline there and get free credits that way.
• Canada
9 Apr 10
Its really up to the individual to understand how beneficial it is to them. Its definitely a numbers game. At least its another median for referrals