Do you use Vitamin A?

Trinidad And Tobago
May 27, 2008 7:53pm CST
I take multi-vitamins and also a B vitamin supplement that contains a mixture of all the B vitamins along with some other vitamins in there. Today I went to the drugstore to get some more of my usual multi-vitamins and remembered that I wanted to get Vitamin A. Simply cause I been using the computer alot more lately and waking later than usual watching TV. I realized it could start affecting my eyes. Today I saw 2 types of Vitamin A. I asked the pharmacist for help and she gave me one that is made from fish oil (yuck by the way!) and one that is made from carrot oil (hmm...interesting) The fish oil one was $27TTD for 100 softgels while the carrot oil one was $23TTD for 60 softgels. i took the carrot oil variety just to avoid the fishiness. Well, anyway I never used vitamin A on it's own before and was wondering if anyone has anything to add on how well it works. I have had co-workers tell me it helped them with their eyes (my eyes aren't bad, prevention is better than cure) and the pharmacist said I could use it like a normal vitamin. I also just did a little Google search on vitamin a from carrot oil and came up with a nice article on all the good things it helps with and there was another site detailing good and bad stuff about using Vitamin A in particular and it didn't mention the carrot oil exactly... Any thing you guys can add here? Thank you!
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• United States
28 May 08
I personally try to stay away from Vitamin A supplements. I eat a diet that is rich in vitamin A so there is no need to supplement it.
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@ank_47 (1963)
• India
20 Apr 09
i think there is no need for u to take vitamin supplements ,u can get more vitamins thru u;r food only ,so take good and high rich vitamin food. i take vitamins in food only. Vitamin A is also known as retinol. Good sources of vitamin A include cheese, eggs, oily fish (such as mackerel), milk, fortified margarine and yoghurt. Liver is also a rich source of vitamin A. But, because it's such a rich source, if you already eat it every week, you might want to choose not to have it more often. If you're pregnant, you should avoid eating liver because of the amount of vitamin A it contains. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means you don't need it every day because any of the vitamin your body doesn't need immediately is stored for future use. You should be able to get all the vitamin A you need from your daily diet. This is: 0.7 mg a day for men 0.6 mg a day for women The best source of vitamin D is summer sunlight – but remember, if you're out in the sun, take care not to burn. Many multivitamins contain vitamin A. Other supplements, such as fish liver oil, are also high in vitamin A. So if you take supplements containing vitamin A, make sure you don't have more than a total of 1.5mg per day from your food and supplements. If you eat liver every week, you should avoid taking any supplements that contain vitamin A. If you're pregnant, having large amounts of vitamin A can harm your unborn baby. Therefore, if you are pregnant or thinking of having a baby, you should avoid eating liver or liver products such as pâté because these are very high in vitamin A. You should also avoid taking supplements that contain vitamin A. Ask your GP or midwife if you would like more information. source : A number of vitamin A sources are available all year. These include carrot, squash, animal products, green peas, spring onions, and hot peppers.