Have You Had or Still Have Insomnia?

@elmiko (6640)
United States
May 27, 2008 10:13pm CST
I had it at a time during my life. I was only getting about 2 hours of sleep a night while working. It really took alot out of me. I heard having 1 night of not so good sleep can really affect people. People already know this though.
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28 May 08
I still have insomnia and it's hard getting by. There was this one time that my parents had to take me to the hospital because i wasn't sleeping and even eating for 5 days... i only have short sleeps like 5 minute sleeps during that time. but thankfully, nothing like that ever happened again. Just 2 days - 3 days max of no sleep :D
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
29 May 08
I'm glad it didn't last a long time because it gets really bad. Some people go for months like this. Maybe not as bad as getting just 5 minutes of sleep at a time but 1 to 3 hour naps daily. I had this problem for months or probably around half a year. I'm greatful it went away though because I started thinking I maybe like this permanently. I felt useless at the time because my activity level suffered.
30 May 08
yeah, insomnia's just a big pain in the bottom :D anyhow, take care!
@babyanj (131)
• Philippines
29 May 08
I used to have insomnia. I guess it started because as a kid I like to stay up late then it became a habit that was too hard to break. It got so bad that I was not able to sleep for many days. I decided to try yoga to help me relax in addition to health benefits. Now, I can still stay up late but most nights I can relax at will and fall asleep for a few hours.