ADSL Connection

May 29, 2008 6:23am CST
Hello friends, I am interested to connect ADSL connection with my old D-link for sharing internet with several PCs can I share the internet do you have any idea? pls share
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@owlwings (40054)
• Cambridge, England
29 May 08
Yes, you can easily create a home network. You will need a router as well as your ADSL modem. Some modems are already supplied with a wireless modem and, perhaps, two or four wired connections. If yours is not, then you will need to get a separate router with as many connectors as you have PCs to connect. Going wireless is often the easiest option because PCs can connect and disconnect at will and the limit on the number of PCs - perhaps up to 254 or more - on the network is larger. Routers usually come with good instructions and a painless setup procedure, so you should not find it difficult. Each PC must have its own IP address on the network and you can either let the router allocate an address dynamically, as each PC connects, or you can assign a fixed address to each PC. If you find the terminology and concepts confusing at first, be assured that you can learn the basics very quickly and there are some excellent websites (and books) available which explain it in an easy to understand manner. Very basically, you will connect the output of your modem to the input of the router and the router will then allocate a unique address just on your network to each PC connected to it and allow each one to talk to the Internet. You can think of a router as like the post department of a firm. The postman/mailman delivers all the post for a company every morning and then it's somebody's job internally to sort the mail and put it on the right person's desk. Similarly, people in the company wanting to send mail, send it down to the post room who frank it and send it to the national mail system or to a parcel delivery firm as required.