Let cat #5 work it out by himself

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
May 29, 2008 8:24pm CST
Tonight, against my better judgement, I accepted another cat, bringing the number of cats that I own up to 5. Someone that I know has had this cat, Marlo, for 9 years, but has to give Marlo up. He has been doing poorly from a recent kidney transplant operation. No one else can accommodate Marlo, who is reputed to be laid-back and sweet. But there's a teeny problem. My four cats have established territories. If Marlo is unable to claim the kitchen as his territory, he just may be out of luck. Right now, my Columbus and Waffles' territories include my bedroom and the sunporch. Columbus is already feuding with Maxie, the young unaltered male stray that I took in last month. Maxie's territory is the basement. He knows that he can escape there every time Columbus chases him and/or tries to fight with him. Mimi's territory is the sunporch and my spare room. Basically, she's a loner and hardly tolerates the other cats. Yes, I know. I should have stuck to my guns and put down my foot firmly and assert myself, saying NO MORE CATS!, but I'm a softie when it comes to cats. I feel especially sorry for cats who have lost their home for one reason or another. (Wish I could attract money like I attract cats.) "Oh, you can just let Marlo find his own space!" I was told. I wish that it were that easy. Pray for me.
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