Are you satisfy with your height? Or do you wanna gain height?

May 31, 2008 9:58am CST
Im not! I dont like my height... for me im still short... Arrgghh... Myloters, im just a girl with height 158.5 cm... I really wanna gain height. Do you know, i envy my friend who is taller than me. Hehe... This week i always do strecthing and try some steps for yoga, maybe i can gain height after few weeks... hmmm
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• Pakistan
1 Jun 08
i am satisfy with my hight i am near about 6'feet tall
@vanities (11345)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Jun 08
well yeah i am...but my weight ? well no..i need to lose some weight im 15 pounds overweight right now and really struggle for this 15 pounds..people stops growing at the age of 25...if your under it then try taking some supplements in aiding for fast growth...there so many in the market i guess(pharmacy)
• India
31 May 08
I am 173 cms or 5'8" in height and I feel I am not too tall nor too short bt of average height.Well I can't do anything about it now because it will have no effect - I am past my growing years!!But when I was in school I was shorter than most of the other boys.Soon I wanted t increase my height.I used to follow this therapy of drinking 3-4 glasses of water every morning as soon as I got up without even brushing my teeth.And believe me this had the desired effect.I started adding inches quicjly and in 6 months or so I reached my present height.I am very sure if I had not given this therapy a try I would have been shorter.
@as2006 (5041)
• Israel
31 May 08
I'm 178 cm height and my wife is 171 cm height and we feel and live with that wery good.And I must to say that as I remember we never talked about that.
31 May 08
Me too I'm not satisfied with my height I'm already 17 yrs old but still 5'4..grrr.. i want to gain height but i think i already reach my maximum height /sob =[