Ideal Job

June 1, 2008 12:03pm CST
If you could have absolutely any job in the world regardless of what qualifications it needed what job would you have? Also if it was up to you to decide ho much you would be paid honestly how much would you ask for?
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1 Jun 08
I ideal job would be as an astronaut. I have all the qualities necessary for this, apart from two drawbacks - I had an appalling education and I'm thick as two short planks. ;-) I'd do it for food and rent (Astronaut for Hire: Will work for food). My second choice would be mad scientist - they always seem to have lots of fun, at least until they're killed by their own creations!
1 Jun 08
Haha well I admire your honesty just the response I wanted I imagined people saying I'll be a doctor for a million a day :P
@alcazar (762)
• India
2 Jun 08
I think that if there was a choice given to us then i think we will never doa job...but there should be responsible...but there is something like associated with something...for me its a compiter and an internet connection...if that is provided then i can do anything...
@magikrose (5423)
• United States
2 Jun 08
For me the perfect job is one that I can do from here stricly online so I dont have to worry about being on the phone with my kids screaming in the background. As far as pay I would ask for a minimum of about $400-$500 a week. As a full time mom I can put alot into a job like that and dont see why that would be an unreasonable pay.
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
1 Jun 08
I would love to be the leader of DISNEY. I would like a salary of i don't know, let's say 20.000$. I guess that would be enough as i want to travel a lot around the world, there are so many places i would love to visit. I also would like to buy a great house ( not a palace, but a big house with a white fence you know - i am a dreamer) + i would love to have those money so that my future wife should not have to work, i would keep her with me at work, and watch all the disney movies when I have the free time .
@excellence7 (3476)
• Mauritius
1 Jun 08
I would wish to be a teacher...and request about 30 000 rupees...
@heleni0 (322)
1 Jun 08
My first choice of job would be a wildlife photographer, the kind who trek through jungles and climb up mountains to get amazing shots of animals regular people like me just never get to see. My second choice would be a marine biologist. There is a slight drawback in that I can't swim :x As for pay, I have no idea. Billions would be nice :P