people have kids for what? do you love them indeed

June 1, 2008 9:41pm CST
people always say they love kids, so they need kids, is it? but I think people have kids for their own purpose, for example, inherit properties, and keeping the surname, and keeping the same with others, etc. if people have kids without any love, of course not, but not too much as they said.
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@kezabelle (2985)
2 Jun 08
People have children for many reasons just because they choose to to fulfill some sort of inheritance doesnt mean they dont love them once they are here! Surely we all have children for our own purpose because we WANT to have them.
• China
3 Jun 08
I started this topic since quickly growing of the population, I worry about it. now too many natural disasters were happened worldwide, all of us is responsible for decreasing the number. Thanks a lots for your response.
@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
2 Jun 08
This seems to be a little bit of a waste of a topic but i'll answer you anyway. If no-one had kids, for whatever reason, then the population of man would die out & then there'd be nothing left would there? I think most people have kids bcause they want them & want to have a family all of their own but some people have accidental babies - which doesn't mean they love them any less, then there are others who choose not to have kids at all.
• China
2 Jun 08
thank a lot for your answering. this is not a waste of a topic I think, instead of it is a very complex issue. I know if no-one had kids, the human beings would die out, but I don't know why most people keep have kids for simply reason what they want babies whatever the population of man is still quickly growing up to die out in another way?