Would you enjoy LIFE if........?

June 3, 2008 6:39am CST
We all have problems in our life and it is upon us how we deal with those problems. And also how we come out of the problems that trouble us. Life tries to teach us lessons by giving us problems, and if you are smart you learn in the first go! Life is like MATH, you get problems to solve, if you dont remember the basics of math you are unable to solve the problem. But if you do know the basics, you get ANSWERS!! Most of us knowingly or unknowingly crib about our problems. But can you imagine, Life without problems. It would be soooooo boring and monotonous!! If LIFE wasnt a ROLLER COSTER we wouldnt have the THRILLS in life !! What say?
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@dragon54u (31615)
• United States
3 Jun 08
You are so right! There are times in my life that I could do without problems but I always tell my children that if we didn't have the night, how would we appreciate the sun? The one thing I ask of life is not to be bored! I know that depends on my own actions to a large measure, but I prefer a hilly and winding road with lots of trees, hills and valleys to a straight, easy road through a desert!
• China
3 Jun 08
YES, if the world without problem, i think it very boring .We need problem so we can growth and understand the world . Whether the problem are difficult ,we need confidence to face them ,or you will lose confidence and courage and you may feel the world is very cruel . Although our born is unfair , we can change it through our effort .