What could I do to make myself stronger?

@ynigz1 (472)
June 4, 2008 4:16am CST
I'm slim, but seemed not health. I want to do some excersis to make myself stronger. what kind of sport is good to me? I like swim, but I can't swim everyday, as winter or other kind of wheather make us can swim. What do you do to make yourself stronger?
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Jun 08
to make yourself stronger you need to eat properly, take vitamins, and do aerobic exercise and also weight lifting exercises. also try to walk several miles a day for optimum health. maintain a healthy weight too. also strive to be optimistic asit helps.
@kingcrapper (1538)
• United States
4 Jun 08
To build up physical strength, what I do is to work with weights every other day. The important thing, though, is to start with your diet and nutrition. There is no way a person can effectivly build up strength when their diet consists of pizza and Bud light! Laugh, but I have seen people who have tried. I personally have a certain diet along with a nutritional supplement system that really helps me out. After that, find something you love doing that tests your aerobic and anaerobic abilities and have fun!