Difference caused by one man!!!

June 6, 2008 12:37am CST
My neighbors' are a big family. All the men are out working in the Middle East. So only a couple of women, four children, and a brother and sister (somehow related to them) live in that house. Recently, a man (husband to one of the women) has come on holiday. I am surprised at the changes in the house. They are now much quieter than before. No longer do they sit on the porch and talk and laugh. No longer do they watch the road and comment on who is coming and who is going. We are surprised at the changes caused by the presence of one man. Does this sound familiar to you? Has anybody come to your house (a guest or a spouse on leave) and has this changed the very character of your home?
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@GreenMoo (11842)
10 Jun 08
Because we accept wwoofers, we always have different people coming and going from our home. It's never got to the stage where the whole character of the home changes (this is MY house after all!), but there are definately types who set us all on edge. Somehow they are just not easy to live with and although we're 'in charge' we feel slightly nervous to be our true selves around them. Oh, and of course I have to do the washing up when we have guests and remember to get dressed!
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