Problem of being an in-law...

June 6, 2008 10:52am CST
We often discuss about those daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law who are not on good terms with each other, and jealous of each other. Then how is it that mothers-in-law and sons-in-law get on very well with each other? One wonders!
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13 Jun 08
I'm happy with my son's in law I got two.I get along with them very good. Some of my son have problem with there wife but I don't take sides and try to be in the middle if someone have a problem to fix.I love my all my children and just hope they all be good with there in laws.
@naseeha (1385)
• India
11 Jun 08
Yes the problem is mils and dils fight for a prized posession . They want to show or find out who has more rights on the man who is the most important person in their life. That is why the fighting comes in. But in the case of the son in law and mil it is not the case. They are not threatened at all. The mother can always be the mother and the husband can be a good husband. Their roles do not clash. Maybe thats the reason. This is a good discussion it set me thinking.
@bellis716 (4806)
• United States
7 Jun 08
Your generalization is not always true. I did not get along very well with my mother-in-law, but I attribute that to my immaturity at the time. I get along with my daughter-in-law well, and my daughter is very close to her mother-in-law. In some cases, a mother does not want her son to ever grow up and leave the nest. That son will tell his wife, "My mother doesn't do it that way." Or he will say, "I like my mother's pot roast better." This causes even more resentment.
@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
7 Jun 08
Maybe because the guys know that since they married the wives, there wives will turn out probably like their Mothers or want them to be like their Mothers. I know My Son's know whoever they are with must like me...but I'm pretty good about geting along with anyone...just as long as my children are happy!