How Small is Your Car's Engine?

Omagh, Northern Ireland
June 6, 2008 7:07pm CST
With the surge in interest in fuel economy,I was wondering what's the smallest size engine Your Economical (or UNeconomical!) car has? Here in the UK,You get an Annual road tax break if your car has a small (sub 1.3L) Engine,or low emission figures..that's with conventional ICE's,either petrol or Diesel.Mine has a 1.1L Engine.It'll give over 40mpg in everyday driving,and cruises happily at Motorway Speed (On Motorways!).. I'm aware of a few models of Car currently on sale with 1 litre Engines,(at least one has a 900cc Engine)and at least one of these models is on sale in the US with nothing smaller than a 1.5L Engine! I passed my Driving test in an 850cc original Mini,and that little car could handle like a Go-Kart! There are European Microcars with only 500cc Engines.. Tell Me about Yours!
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• United States
7 Jun 08
You must have a Geo Metro like I used to have or the equivalent. I have a Chevy Aveo and I think it has a 1.4 or 1.6L engine with four cylinders. But, I think it's having some slight mechanical problems, so it's not getting the fuel mileage that I like, though it's a lot better than most of the cars on the road. I don't think we get any kind of tax break based on the size of the engine, or, at least, I didn't when I had my Geo. But, I think there's some tax breaks if you buy a hybrid or zero emissions vehicle. And, you can drive in the carpool lane with those, too, without having a passenger with you.
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
7 Jun 08
My Car's a Peugeot 106 (French Built)-It's classed as a Supermini here (subcompact?)there is even a smaller car in the range below this one! I've seen Geo Metro's when visiting the US-they would be similar in size,I think.The UK doesn't have HOV lanes,AFAIK...the closest thing would be bus lanes within city limits,which I think Taxis and Electric vehicles can use too...One of London's measures to cut down on traffic is the "Congestion Charge"-You have to pay a fee to drive into Central London on a daily basis-Hybrids,EV's,and only a few low emission cars are exempt..The SMART car Diesel is one of them,but they're not Officially on sale in the UK! thanks for responding!