Is NBA the most popular sport in US?

June 7, 2008 1:38am CST
Im from China and I like NBA so much! because it's so exciting and it's so keen! Just like NBA 2008 series says:Where amazing happens! Rocket won 22 consecutive games, the unbelievalbe trade in Spurs, Suns, and you know, Celtics! YES, I like it a lot! Another reason is so simple, Yao Ming is right there!
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@elmiko (6640)
• United States
3 Jul 08
I think the NFL is the most popular in the US. I prefer the NBA though.
• Ecuador
3 Jul 08
Football is by far America's favorite sport. However, the NBA is catching on with the recent Lakers-Celtics matchup in the finals not to long ago. But still, it seems like everyone in the entire US is watching on Sunday when the NFL is going on. It probably is like this because of having games only once a week, but the NBA is a turnoff to a lot of fans because of its one on one nature, with not a lot of team play involved. Yah, I suppose you would like the NBA over there, seeing as guys like Yao and Yi are supporting you.
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 08
I think American's favourite sport is American Football.
• Philippines
10 Jun 08
I do believe that Baseball (MLB) and American Football (NFL) are more popular than NBA. One can determine this by just looking at how big the stadiums are built and how much hype are given to each sport. I rank NBA third, behind MLB and NFL and they are neck and neck. NBA is, most probably, more popular globally but when we talk about the U.S. alone, MLB and NFL are the sports to watch, hands down.
• China
10 Jun 08
Rugby football is the first,next is baseball and basketball. lol,you can find the answer online. Just like you said ,in china more and more people are focus on the NBA,Yao is one reason,he is the proud of China. Enjoy the final game!