How shocking!! A woman stole a boa constrictor by shoving it in her knickers!!!

June 7, 2008 1:44pm CST
I know there are some real strange people out in the world but this is unbelievable!!! A US woman stole a 20in boa constrictor from a pet shop by shoving it in her knickers!! The snake was stolen from an animal house in Michigan. The snake is worth about $174. It doesnt say in the story whether the woman or snake were found or if they were returned!! This is one place I would hate yo have a snake!! Can you imagine!!
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@Abby123 (261)
7 Jun 08
I know that some knickers are big but thats plain daft,how did she get a snake and a big one into her knickers!!!!!!!!!!!it just seems impossible that it would fit,and to walk out of the shop with it too,incredible.
7 Jun 08
Who knows,for starters I wouldnt even try to get the snake in my knickers!! Let alone try and walk with it there!! Lets just hope the snake didnt suffercate!! ha ha