Google spyware

@gangus2 (373)
United States
June 7, 2008 2:33pm CST
I have a business website and went to it only to find that Google placed a popup "Spyware" warning page. I was furious and contacted the hosting company. They assured me that there was no "Spyware" on the website. They maintain the site 24/7. I then contacted Google team encharge of "Spyware". Placing a popup of any kind on any website without notification to the owner is "HACKING" as far as I am concerned. They claim it's not. They did remove their popup within minutes of my complaint, but I am sure they drove away potential customers and sales. What do you think, is it "HACKING" when they place a "SPYWARE" popup warning page on a website without notifying the owner or host? Karen
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• Netherlands
7 Jun 08
Well, for your description looks like like Mr. Page and Mr. Brin found out about guerilla marketing. Besides my HTML instincts say something like this: add the tag security="restricted" in the frame that is calling the popup if you want to put a leash on them.