what do you search for when your online ?

@taqinaka (429)
June 9, 2008 7:27am CST
hi guys...i just online...n i was staring at my homepage n i dont know what to search for and do.ahahaha.have dat ever happened to u ?ur bored doing nothing at home...so u thought of surfing the internet...but when ur at ur home page...ur blank...u dont know what to search for....ahahahahha...n usually...what websites do u guys visit when your online?i usually watch videos at youtube n fishing forums...thats all...ahahahah...anyway..im just trying to start a good discussion...cheers.
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@ieeko89 (1054)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 08
Hehe, I'll check my myspace and then mylot. I don't really know what to do, that's why i always ask my boyfriend to online and entertain me, but he always refuse! Since his parents are using the laptop and all. Hmp!
@figjam00 (1450)
• India
14 Jun 08
When I am online I search anything I want to. It basically includes searching for my projects, movies, celebrities and many more things which I don't know. There are loads of things to do on internet and I never feel bored on internet because almost all information you want will be accessible through internet.
• Poland
14 Jun 08
Usually I'm searching for some cool music, good jokes or funny flash games when I'm online. Sometimes you can find something really bizzare, like the few flash movies I've made topic about. You can search for them I can bet you will lough (lotr and matrix parodies). Cheers and happy myloting.