Do you get more energy from raw food?

June 9, 2008 8:51am CST
I do! For lunch today we had some guacamole made from fresh avacados, onions, and tomatoes, spiced up. To go with it we had chunky raw beetroot, celery, and carrots to dip in. When we finished I felt more statisfid than if I'd had a sandwich, so to follow we had slices of mango and nectarine. I rarely eat a cooked meal at lunchtime as I find it makes me sleepy. What about you?
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• India
10 Jun 08
yes i think we get more energy from raw foods because if we cook vegetables some essential proteins or vitamins are lost.
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10 Jun 08
That is correct although we are assured that tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables retain their vitamins and minerals as they are packed when fresh. Thanks for your input.
@GreenMoo (11842)
9 Jun 08
I've never really tested that theory, but i do really enjoy salads and fruit salads. In fact, I could eat them all day, given the chance. I have several friends who are raw foodists, and they claim to have hugely increased energy and health since introducing their new diet. Of course, it does involve cutting out huge amounts of junk as well as preparing things differently, so I've always considered their claims as being partly down to an improved diet generally rather than the method of preparation.
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• Australia
8 Jul 08
Fresh is best! lol. I would love to have my own garden where I could just pick and eat. Sadly, our landlord doesn't want any dramatic changes made to the gardens, so I either have to buy the food or go without, and prices being what they are, going without is the more likely option. Most of the time, we get frozen veggies as we don't have to use them as quickly.