Do you believe hypnosis?

June 10, 2008 3:58am CST
On earth, I didn't believe hypnosis before I watched the TV program about hypnosis. During that program, 10 persons accept hypnosis. A girl imagined herself as an armor plate, then another girl step on her bingy and legs. Too inscrutability, the girl lied between two chairs, and her waist was impending. The hypnosis is too supernatural. Who try it by himself? Can we share the feeling about hypnosis?
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• United States
14 Jul 08
What you saw can really happen. Your brain, or mind, controls the body. The body is like a robot and the brain tells it what to do. This is why the girl, while in hypnosis could make her body so stiff that another person could stand on her. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that most people go in and out of throughout the day. It really isn't supernatural, but the results can seem that way. It is a wonderful tool for self change and self improvement. In 17 years as a hypnotherapist, I have never met a person who wanted to be hypnotized that couldn't be. The show you watched was just an example of how powerful your mind can be. Imagine that you wanted to lose weight, or be a better test taker, or perform better at your sport. Hypnosis can help you become so focused that you can accomplish goals that you never thought possible. Hypnosis gets into part of the brain that we rarely use consciously. If you want to release a bad habit, or create new and better habits, try reading up on self hypnosis, or find a professional hypnotist to help you. If you would like some suggestions on what books to read, or have questions about hypnosis, feel free ti private message me andI will be happy to answer them.
@kaezy_kulet (2465)
• Philippines
10 Jun 08
i do believe in that. people sometimes use that to enter in someones house and then rob them
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 08
I do believe in hypnosis.I saw in some medical tv show that some doctors use hypnosis to their patients.I guess it is scientifically proven.