Just got an Aquarium !!

June 10, 2008 8:25am CST
Guess what, even an aquarium can make your life more plesant! Yesterday we got an aquarium, a big one. All of us are very exited about it. but what i am wondering as of now is how to keep the fishes alive for a longer duration. We have 12 fishes in the aquarium as of now,fortunately we have not lost any fish! However the the shop owner said that the fishes would require atleast 7 days to adjust to the new aquarium,so there are chances that we might lose a few fish :( I have bought fish pellets (fish food) and a medicine that we need to put in the aquarium to prevent fungus from growing. Would you all know of any ideas or ways to keep the fishes healthy and live longer??
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@dragon54u (31635)
• United States
14 Jun 08
My fish always lived a long time and I didn't do anything different from anyone else except I would go to the tank at least once a day and walk my fingers on the outside of the glass and talk to them. After the first couple of days they would follow my fingers, it was like a game. I think it brought interest to their days and I enjoyed it, too.
• India
16 Jun 08
I do talk to them but run my fingers across thrie tank on the outside is something that i have never done. I think it would be great if they could respond to it, thank you.
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
10 Jun 08
The best indication about a good balance in an auqurium is that you don't have do do anything. Meaning that you don't have to clean it very often, and your fish live for several years without disease. It's not always easy, it takes a bit of trying. Get some plants, but not too many, plenty of fish, but not too many (see it's not easy). You'll get the hang of it over time. Don't buy too expensive fish to begin with :)
• India
10 Jun 08
It looks like you've got a lot of experiencewith the aquarium, so i would take your word for it. Thank you